Liaison 14, Kandy Lozano, 2010.

"I sink into a mixture of water and sand" by Nathan Carême

El Lissitzky par isabel.r

Week 1

Even though i only worked with James and Tim two days this week (due to the team being away in Gran Caneria for a shoot) I have already learnt so much I expect this week to be very busy.

By first getting familiar with their work I was able update their portfolio with new prints and images from past editorials and commissioned work. The morning was pretty straight forward as I helped trim and organise their prints, as well as understanding their style and visualisation within photography. Their way of working with imagery and film is beautiful, the focus on light, shadow, form and their perfection of capturing a story and character.

Later on they briefed me of the type of work I would be doing with them, including a list of errands, research, location finding, contacting companies etc. They also explained I would be assisting them on future shoots and the most important and very exciting part, they will help me produce my own photography project throughout the next six weeks. I will have access to their equipment and best of all their knowledge and creative minds.

In the afternoon they asked me to sit in on their meeting for the 12 image story they have done for a London based magazine. With all the contact images from the shoot, I was able to observe and input the process of elimination with the images they chose and the order in which they will be presented within the magazine. 

Once we were happy with the images I then had to run to the local film lab to retrieve the negatives from the shoot (as all their photography is shot on film). They then showed me how to scan in the negatives to the computer, which then produce the image on screen. It was a very careful and long process but the finished outcomes are beautiful. I then edited the images to their correct , brightness, contrast and hue. This will be ongoing throughout the week as it is a time consuming process and handling the negatives takes care.

Next week James and Tim said we would be shooting a fashion editorial this weekend which is something to look forward to, in the mean time I have been researching ideas for my new project which it think will involve some kind of portrait photography. 

A very exciting and informative week and I am very much looking forward to the next six weeks.