Week Six

Over the weekend i successfully shot Megan Nicholas’ graduate collection, modelled by the beautiful Charlotte George from M and P models. James and Tim let me borrow their Canon EOS 5 and light meter and i shot on my own Nikon D5. I am so happy with the images, the film images have so much more character and beauty to them and i got so many great shots just out of two rolls of film. I have sent the agency some headshots of Charlotte so she can have them in her book. I showed James and Tim the images and they seemed very proud. For the rest of the week James and Tim were moving office so there was a lot of inventory and moving back and forth between offices and setting up. Quite a poetic way to end the internship with them moving to a new place. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time when passing over to the new intern i realized just how much i have learnt. James and Tim have been so appreciative of me and i of them, however i do know this will not be the last time i see them as I have been asked to come back and assist them on shoots in the future. 

Week Five

This week James and Tim got a large retouching job through for Barbours next campaign which meant they would be locked into their computers all week. Therefore I was carrying on everything else they couldn’t like researching for their upcoming projects, making spread sheets, continuing to retouch the images from last weeks shoot, picking up and dropping off negatives to the lab. I also have started putting together a mood board for my own for my project that James and Time are to help me with. Luckily a third year asked me to shoot her final graduate collection which i though would be a great platform to complete this project with. So I have been coming up with concepts for the shoot and ding location scouting for the shoot which will hopefully be next week. We found a grat location with an old used campervan, a mechanics that has an amazing Harley Davidson motorbike and a few more around the area. I’ll be planning to shoot on 35mm film and digital, Megan (the designer) has been getting into contact with modeling agencies for the shoot so we will hopefully have a model by next week.

Week Four

A very busy week involving two shoots, one for a brand Native rose and another PipaLynn. On the Monday I had to prepare the kit for the shoots, involving charging camera batteries, loading film, ensuring everything was properly packed and ready to just get up and go for the next day. The first shoot was shot at a go kart track and then the rest on location in a small small town close by. Throughout the day I took light readings, uploaded the images to capture one, loaded and reloaded film, basically second assistant to Luke who was there first assistant that day. Later in the week we attended a second shoot which was firstly shot at a beautiful little apartment near Greenwich and then continued to another location by some boat docks. It is always great just to watch James and Tim in their element and just taking in what they are doing as they are doing it. James asked me if he needed to explain anything as I wasn’t asking many questions but i explained how I am just watching and taking in everything they do. Learning what they believe makes a great image, the slight positioning for the model or the camera so the light captures a completely different composition. For the rest of the week James and Tim demonstrated some of their retouching secrets to me and even gave me some of their images to practice on. Retouching an image is basically neutralizing the colour balance of an image and not making it too contrasted, and bringing our specific colours on certain areas of the picture. 

Week three

Another great week with James and Tim, the week started off with a trend shoot for Never Underdressed an online magazine.  I was able to shadow James and Tim using digital cameras this time, which is what i am more familiar with. They demonstrated capture one to me which is the digital softwear used in industry for most shoots. As the images are taken they are immediately transferred to the mac which can have adjustments that are automatically added to the images, to save retouching them all in editing.  

Throughout the day I ran errands, grabbed lunch, coffees, ran to the shop, helped out with prepping folders on the mac for each look. Another great day and I made some great contacts and friends with the hair, makeup and styling team.

The rest of the week was mainly office based where I continued research for their upcoming projects, creating mood boards and spread sheets for contacts. Finally at the end of the week we had to go check out a location for another shoot next week. We went and had a look at flat that we will be shooting in and then got the water taxi to Grenwhich which was a fun little experience.

Week 2

Another amazing and busy week, I find myself learning so much in so many different aspects, being photography, editing, production, research and simple technical skills that will help me so much with jobs in the future. 

The week started off with basic errands and tasks to help out Tim and James throughout the week. As photographers they enjoy coming up with their own concepts and projects that either aren’t (but mostly are) snapped up by magazines once they are completed. There was the often run to the lab to pick up or drop off film and negatives of their projects, creating mood boards for commissioned projects, image research and also contact and location research for their upcoming personal project.

In between these errands I was lucky enough to be shown their bespoke and highly detailed ways of editing images, for all different cliental. Being aesthetic editing to simply improve the quality of an image, editing an image for fashion, art direction etc. I feel very privileged that i have been given the opportunity to see this type of editing visually and theoretically. What I have been taught is beyond many photographers knowledge and i feel very lucky that James and Tim have shared their years of experience with me.

In preparation for a shoot on Saturday me and James went to the location and he explained to me what they were looking for in where they wanted to shoot. It allowed me to understand their aesthetic so much more and become aware of how to understand space and visuals when shooting. On the Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the shoot, acting almost as a second assistant to James and Tim.  The day was so informative and i truly feel I have been so lucky in attending an internship with them. Throughout the day (which was absolutely beautiful) I was taking light meter readings, taught how to change film on a Hasselblad film camera, extended my knowledge in certain terminology, became aware of all their photographic equipment, but most importantly I was able to see how they work. I was able to see how they use light, shadow, movement and expression within their characters and what is good and bad within REAL photography, not just fashion.

The shoot was so smooth running and I cannot wait to see the final images, again hopefully I will be able to sit in on the retouching and keep learning their creative processes. I have me so many amazing people within the past two weeks and learnt more than i could have hoped for in an internship. Next week I will be attending another shoot, this time in the studio and hopefully starting this project that will run along side my internship.

Below is a preview from the shoot we did at the weekend, I am sure the finals will look incredible.